Veuve. Abs. Pole Dancing. Forbidden Asian Fruit?

I desperately needed a night out, and what better way than to start with a drink and a fabulous friend- and see where the night takes us.  It’s been a long few weeks: I totaled the car, started school again, and work has been insane and busy! We met at a tequila bar (I had mescal and soda, yum!) then West Hollywood to The Abbey. As I dropped my friend off, I was given this interesting vase of fruit. I am still not exactly sure what it was, but was told to try making a cocktail out of it. I was also advised it was forbidden or illegal … just an FYI. I made a simple syrup out of the fruit, sugar and water and let it cook down until think and dark orange. So far I’ve tried it with some sparkley water and its delish! Next time … tequila!