The most essential recipe yet! 4 Ingredient Chicken Mango Curry

Curry is one of my most favorite and go-to recipes in the entire world! Curry is a generic term for a spice blend used to flavor meat and vegetables, and there are a zillion unique different styles based on country of origin! Here is one of my exclusive 4 Ingredient Recipes, featured on Perez Hilton.

I always have an assortment of curry powders or pastes and coconut milk in my pantry. Whenever I need a last minute meal, I can grab the coconut milk and curry, and add whatever veggie and protein I have around – and voila! Its always gluten-free, and you can substitute tofu or beans for a vegan version. I always have some frozen shrimp and bell pepper strips on hand, and love being able to bust out a bell pepper and shrimp curry in minutes! Serve with rice noodles or quinoa, and you’ve created a gourmet meal faster than the time spent trying to find your account password for online Thai delivery.


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Special Thanks to the incredible Kyle from I Eat What I Shoot for the super sexy pictures of my Mango Chicken Curry. We had a great shoot together, and his pictures are amaze-balls!!! Check out his website, and prepare to get hungry!