Read my Spinach Dip recipe review on “Gluten-Free Made Easy”

A few months back, I had the opportunity to review a recipe from award winning gluten-free chef Angela McKeller. Being gluten-free is incredibly hard, and I was excited to taste something I hadn’t had in a long time: spinach-dip. An absolute guilty pleasure, there is something about the bubbling hot cheese and spinach dip that relinquishes any type of self control. The most awesome part of the recipe, is it can also be made vegan. Angela’s version is also healthier: using coconut milk yogurt, fresh vegetables and herbs – I was able to eat the entire thing without feeling sick.

Today I received an email that Angela’s new cookbook GLUTEN-FREE MADE EASY AS 1-2-3. ESSENTIAL LIVING FOR A GLUTEN-FREE LIFE was released. I purchased it immediately from Amazon … and as I “flipped” through the pages on my iPad, I realized this book can be the best handbook for anyone committing to a gluten-free lifestyle. This book explains all the details to be successful, long term. The other awesome thing about this book? Its my first published review – and the picture I took is on the cover!

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