An impromptu VIP afternoon

It’s been a busy summer, and I haven’t spent nearly enough time by the pool; the most tan I’ve been was the 3-5 days after I’d use a spray tan coupon from Lifebooker. One of my highlights of this crazy summer, were impromptu Culinary Adventures with my celebrity yoga instructor Loren. He took me to awesome new vegan / gluten- free restaurants, introduced me to unique and obscure grocery stores and we drank a LOT of juice.

He called me up on a Saturday afternoon to hang by the pool (Pool Depth: Silverlake > Downtown) and when we got there … a bottle of Dom was chilling on ice! We drank tiny bubbles, sipped on Bellini (with hand squeezed peach juice) and noshed on foie gras, handmade crackers and grapefruit marmalade. Oh, and Jonothan Adler everything.








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