Gluten-Free oatmeal chocolate cookies for a late night work sesh

My new favorite thing in the entire world is late night work sessions with Stephanie and Nicole: My upstairs neighbors and new dearest friends! Being employed by Hollywood is one of the hardest jobs: you are working 24/7, never have a set schedule, and within the course of hours your previously empty week is filled with auditions, projects and deadlines. This doesn’t include the non-stop events, parties and screenings that you “must make an appearance at” while trying to balance everything else. Being that our schedules are 24/7 and require self-discipline and motivation, we began hanging out together to work on our never-ending pile of work and commitments. The results have been brilliant ideas, new friendships, increased productivity … and cookies! Sometimes you need an extra jolt of sugar to get you through it all … so I whipped up a batch of Gluten-Free oatmeal cookies. Nicole doesn’t care for raisins so I substituted chocolate chips. Experiment with different combinations and let me know what you think!