Canada meets California: The dessert

Canada meets California: The dessert

Our friend Russ was celebrating his dirty 30 birthday party, with a Canadian themed party (1. Yes, He is Canadian.  2. Yes, the dresscode was “Canadian tuxedo) so what better cake is one that celebrates the best of both worlds. After I was informed of his love of Angel Food cake … i wanted to create a shortcake style dessert: simple, healthy and delicious!

I took a store-bought angel food, and covered with a maple glaze. I then served it with a fresh fruit salad that had been marinating in a scotch simple syrup, fresh vanilla bean creme and ground almonds (that were actually smokehouse almonds mixed with sugar almonds and pink salt)

The next morning I received a text from Russ “That was by far the most amazing bday cake I have ever had. Probably the best any cake I’ve ever had”


Who knew Canadian tuxedos could be so sexy!


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