The most gorgeous of Hawaiian themed birthday cakes ever!

Best Hawaiian Birthday Cake Recipe


Luau themed Birthday party in Laurel Canyon? YES!!!! I absolutely adore making epic Birthday cakes, and wanted to make one as amazing as the guest of honor; Carolyne Barry, the top commercial acting coach in Los Angeles. Going with the tropical theme of the evening, I wanted to create a cake that combined coconut, hibiscus, pineapple and Tahitian vanilla. And, it also needed a flaming component (obviously).


For the cake, I baked (2) 1/4 vanilla sheet cakes, with Tahitian vanilla paste added. The frosting was a basic cream cheese recipe; divided. 1/3 of the frosting had rum roasted pineapple chunks folded in (for the filling) and the remaining had coconut cream. For the decorations; pirouette cookies, satin ribbon and TONS of fresh orchids – and served with a flaming hibiscus syrup.

p.s. Hey Mom! I made a Tahitian vanilla cake and it wasn’t even whimsical. Awesome!


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