All aboard! Pacific surfliner to San Diego!

Most of my childhood memories are remembered by how food was involved. The only times I ever visited Los Angeles as a child was when I was 7 … To Disneyland …. And when I was 12, to Universal Studios. The only thing I remember from both trips, is the cheese and cracker platter served on the Amtrak train. As a kid, there is something so awesome about a little box that contains a mini wedge of Brie, a mad cow cheese (my sister and I always called them mad cow because they looked more mad than laughing) a rectangle of Tillamook cheddar and a pot of Rondele (the herb one). The only crackers I remember are the Carrs water ones.

Fast forward 20 years, and Im on the Amtrak for the first time, headed to San Diego for my first Ph.D residency. I should be excited about taking a huge step towards becoming Dr.Mariko, but the truth is Im more excited about new food to try! I was super happy to see cheese and cracker tray on the menu, however they were sold out. I cant even eat cheese anymore, but the idea of cheese and wine on a coastal train ride seemed romantic. And at 10am on this Monday morning, Chardonnay with hummus will have to do!

Breakfast of Champions!