A farewell to Foie Gras

I forgot about how much I loved Foie Gras until I realized the California Foie Gras ban would go into effect in less than 2 weeks. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to throw a super fancy schmancy dinner party for a few of my dearest friends. Out of all my dinner parties, this one started the most controversy: on one hand people think its disgusting I’m supporting the torture of ducks. On the other side, fattened duck liver is a part of our culinary heritage and not any different than fattening and caging a cow for beef. For this party, I ordered organic, sustainable and free range duck livers online and had them shipped overnight (it was my first time receiving a perishable package – how fancy! Going with the theme of the party, I also created some of the most decadent dishes possible!

  • Kobe Beef Wellingtons with Balsamic Drizzle
  • Tuna sashimi in cucumber cups with Ponzu
  • Assortment of Cheeses and Truffle Pate, with grapefruit marmelade
  • Balsamic Seared Foie on Brioche toasts with apple puree
  • Chocolate sorbet with raspberry flambe