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The State of AI in Marketing

Advertising and Marketing is evolving at lightening speed. A colleague and I were recently reflecting on the changes we’ve seen during our careers and the impact these changes made. My first job out of college was Executive Assistant for the advertising department of a local paper. It was 2005; I had a myspace page, a new apple iMac, learned enough about photoshop that I could design my own ads and use the internet well enough to conduct my own market research. Being the bright eyed recent college graduate … I knew everything, and remind the Publisher and Management on a daily basis. The biggest fight was for a website so we could publish and share stories online. The answer was a big NO because they couldn’t understand (or comprehend) why people would get news from a source that wasn’t print. Long story short, the newspaper continued their focus on print until subscriptions declined to non existent. Instead of embracing new technologies, they added 12 sales people to generate print revenue.  Their online version was finally live in 2013 which only lasted a year until they filed bankrupt and folded.

This scenario is so common to the point of frustrating: those who do not evolve with technology, markets and trends will die – leaving room for those willing to adapt. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) still seems new to some, it is essential for the day-today activities in marketing and advertising. With technologies providing everything from Machine Learning (ML) assisted graphic design to targeted demographic research … those who utilize the tools will fall so far behind they will face the same demise as the newspaper. When asked by Flarrio how AI is affecting advertising and marketing … the answer was simple: ”

“Currently, organizations know they need AI, but struggle with finding tools for implementation. The future of AI will take away the burden of day-to-day tasks, allowing more time for developing innovative and creative campaigns” -Mariko Amekodommo

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