A Private Dinner for David Lynch

Very often I’m asked “If you could cook for anyone famous, who would it be?” I never really though about the answer until one day on the tennis court, when I responded “David Lynch”. There are few Hollywood Icons that have built such a cult following as Lynch, and even fewer whose careers I’ve admired. He’s been successful in TV, Film, Music, Art, his Dom Perignon campaign inspired my wardrobe since its launch – and he owes it all to his distinct brand of crazy. Anyways, after I go off on my David Lynch tangent, I start to talk about this awesome event I booked for the following day: A private dinner party for 2, at an Art gallery off La Brea. The next day, I’m learning I’m cooking for David Lynch, among his solo art show at the Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery. The night was a success, and the plates were literally licked clean.

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